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Liza Jane Maltz’S WORK
Contact Email: [email protected]
Birth Your Own Way
Chief Operations Officer.

Liza Jane Maltz’S LOCATION
New York, New York, United States

Author Profile

Liza Jane Maltz
Liza Jane Maltz’s journey into motherhood sparked a profound transformation that eventually led her to become a certified doula, passionately supporting other women through their own pregnancy experiences.

Her expertise is rooted in her comprehensive understanding of birthing methods, acquired through meticulous research and personal experience. Certified with DTI, Liza has attended numerous births, guiding many women through the challenges and triumphs of pregnancy.

Liza's professional background is as diverse as her skills are unique. Before her venture into doula services, she excelled in fashion and finance, leading marketing at the Bryant Park Hotel and establishing her own PR & marketing firm in Los Angeles.

Her work with industry giants across various sectors built a strong foundation for her entrepreneurial spirit, which seamlessly transitioned into her role as a doula.

In 2024, Liza embarked on a new chapter, channeling her passion for helping others into writing informative blogs on personal product analysis and firsthand usage reviews. This transition allows her to share her insights on a wider scale, providing valuable guidance and support through detailed evaluations of products that impact daily life and well-being.

Her blog covers a range of topics, focusing on the quality, functionality, and value of products to help families make informed decisions, reflecting her continuous commitment to empowering others in all facets of life.
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