Liza Jane Maltz embarked on her remarkable journey during her own pregnancy in 2009, a life-altering experience that unveiled her deep-seated passion for maternal health and prenatal care.

This profound personal experience led her to delve into the diverse methodologies of birthing, uncovering the vast spectrum of choices that, while incredibly significant, often remain overlooked in the broader narrative of childbirth.

Determined to empower others with this knowledge, Liza transitioned from a keen learner to a fervent advocate, eventually becoming a certified doula with DTI. Her journey has been marked by a series of enlightening experiences, attending numerous births and supporting many women through the emotional and physical intricacies of pregnancy.

Liza’s practice as a doula is characterized by her holistic approach—she not only supports physical health but also fosters emotional wellness, providing a vast repository of both traditional and innovative resources.

Her unique ability to blend a gentle touch with the necessary firmness when situations call for it has made her a beloved figure among the families she assists. Her life’s work is a testament to her commitment to tailoring birth experiences that respect the individual needs of each family, ensuring that they feel safe, supported, and empowered throughout their birthing journey.

Liza Jane Maltz
Liza Jane Maltz

Before her foray into doula services, Liza’s career trajectory spanned several dynamic fields. She is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) and initially made her mark on Wall Street before moving into the vibrant world of marketing and promotions at the Bryant Park Hotel. Here, she played a pivotal role in transforming the venue into a trendy hub. Her entrepreneurial spirit later inspired her to establish her own PR and marketing firm in Los Angeles, where she forged influential partnerships with notable entities like MGM, Paramount, and Susan G. Komen. This phase of her career not only broadened her professional network but also deepened her understanding of building strong, community-focused platforms.

The birth of her son, Jagger, was a catalyst for another significant shift in her career. As she embraced motherhood, Liza naturally became a go-to resource for other new mothers, a role that evolved into her professional pivot towards doula services. Recognizing a broader need within the community, she also created a trusted platform where parents from New York City to Florida could find reliable caregivers. This initiative has grown into a robust community resource for referrals ranging from childcare to home maintenance services.

In 2024, Liza began a new venture, channeling her extensive experience into writing informative blogs focused on personal product analysis and firsthand usage reviews. This blog serves as a platform for Liza to apply her detailed, analytical skills to evaluate products that can significantly impact everyday life, especially for families. Her reviews are meticulously crafted, offering deep insights into the functionality, efficacy, and value of a wide range of products. By doing so, she continues her mission of empowerment, helping her readers make informed decisions that enhance their quality of life.

Residing in Hudson Yards with her son and their three adorable Shih Tzus, Liza remains as committed as ever to her mission of supporting and empowering families. Her blog has quickly become a go-to resource for those seeking honest, thorough product reviews and advice, reflecting her unending dedication to enhancing the lives of others through support, information, and empowerment.

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Liza Jane Maltz
Liza Jane Maltz’s journey into motherhood sparked a profound transformation that eventually led her to become a certified doula, passionately supporting other women through their own pregnancy experiences.

Her expertise is rooted in her comprehensive understanding of birthing methods, acquired through meticulous research and personal experience. Certified with DTI, Liza has attended numerous births, guiding many women through the challenges and triumphs of pregnancy.

Liza's professional background is as diverse as her skills are unique. Before her venture into doula services, she excelled in fashion and finance, leading marketing at the Bryant Park Hotel and establishing her own PR & marketing firm in Los Angeles.

Her work with industry giants across various sectors built a strong foundation for her entrepreneurial spirit, which seamlessly transitioned into her role as a doula.

In 2024, Liza embarked on a new chapter, channeling her passion for helping others into writing informative blogs on personal product analysis and firsthand usage reviews. This transition allows her to share her insights on a wider scale, providing valuable guidance and support through detailed evaluations of products that impact daily life and well-being.

Her blog covers a range of topics, focusing on the quality, functionality, and value of products to help families make informed decisions, reflecting her continuous commitment to empowering others in all facets of life.
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